Parks Doing the Right Thing to Avoid Hefty Fines and Potential Litigation; DOJ Settlements on the Rise.

The population of disabled Americans and baby boomers, not to mention the aging population, is growing at a rapid pace.  RV shipments are up year over year, and more people and families are looking for a better outdoor experience.  It is our job to help parks understand how doing the right thing will grow revenues and reputation in the RVing community.

This campground renovation is a small portion of a larger transition plan at Lake Mead.  The Lake Mead personnel is doing a fantastic job improving their customer experience by improving their park elements.

Nice ADA compliant RV pad exceeding 20′ width and firm and stable substrate.

 This is a campground at Lake Mead National Recreation Center.  They are moving through a major  transition plan to make amenities fully accessible and ADA compliant.  This is a dry camping site, but there is another one with full hookups.  The pad is 24′ wide (minimum spec is 20′) along with an added paved patio section about 10′ wide seen in the shadow of the trees.  Be aware that there are dozens of standards that must be followed with building a new park or renovating an existing.  Following these standards

How is this a violation?


What is wrong with this way sign? There are several accessibility issues regarding this structure.

Both public and private campgrounds have a responsibility to accommodate their guests with disabilities according to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Architectural Barriers Act of 1968.  Many regulations have been in effect for 40 years, yet most campgrounds have ignored the requirement for improving accessibility.

The U.S. Access Board strongly recommends an accessibility assessment to identify barriers for removal and develop a priority plan for improving accessibility and setting up a 5-year plan to transition into a fully compliant ADA campground.

Don’t wait to be sued to have to be ordered to make the changes.  Make the changes as funds allow doing a little bit each year of your transition plan until completed.  Because there are no ADA compliant campgrounds in America, being the first will raise the bar for all others.  Be a leader, not a follower.  Set the bar for others to try to achieve.

A fully accessible campground can significantly improve your reputation as one who is compassionate and can also make a major impact on your bottom line.  In addition, there are tax benefits by doing accessibility improvements.

  • Written and published by the RVing Accessibility Group, Inc., a unique organization with accessibility specialists trained by the National Center on Accessibility who  are authorized to help determine what is and what is not ADA compliant with your facility and amenities.  If you are interested in having a legitimate accessibility assessment done by a trained Accessibility Specialist, please contact RVing Accessibility Group at 970-903-7442.  RVAG evolved from personal experiences of being permanently disabled yet trying to enjoy the RVing lifestyle, only to become frustrated with misleading information about what was allegedly claimed to be accessible, only to find that the surfacing did not allow for wheelchair or scooter access.  The Founder and President of RVAG has regained his mobility after nearly 30 surgeries over his lifetime, and has dedicated his life to helping people with disabilities find better ways to enjoy the RV camping experience by publishing an online directory of wheelchair friendly RV parks and campgrounds.


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    • RVing Accessibility

      Thanks and I am always interested in constructive criticism. It is healthy for business.

  3. Eric Schrader

    There is nothing like a nice threat of a lawsuit to get the attention of campgrounds and all other public facilities in the US. When is the last time you were in an older, country restaurant and you have to turn sideways to get in the bathroom and when it was brought to their attention, they have the “deer in the headlights” look. I retrofit homes for a living and I can’t believe the stupidity that I see, with narrow doors, non-code spacing of bath fixtures, etc. Universal Design elements that enhance accessibility are good for everyone.