“Your report is a wonderful resource for me to use as I move forward and I know that every privately owned campground that hasn’t had a thorough inspection of their campground to assess where they meet and where they fail accessible standards, would greatly benefit from it.  I wish I had met you years ago and had the benefit of your knowledge and report before I began my renovations.  The good part about the campground is that we are always making changes and improvements. I now have an excellent guideline on how to improve accessibility one facility at a time as we make changes. It is useful to know how my existing structures need to be improved to make the facilities accessible. Your outline of the specifics with photos and descriptions — on what is wrong and what they should be — is clear and exceedingly helpful.  The report also outlines what an accessible feature should be, so that I can get it right the first time.  I hope that you realize that we are developing a long term relationship here and I hope that you are OK with that; I am sure that I will have questions as I move forward with my improvements.  I also hope that we and the VCA members, actually the whole campground industry in general, all move in the direction of making our facilities more accessible not simply because it is required but really because it is good for everybody and every family. Thanks for your work – I hope that I can help you make more people understand the value of what you are doing.”

— Phil Upton, Owner Trav-L-Park, Virginia Beach, VA.

“Mark attended the recent VA Campground Association Spring Convention and spent considerable time talking with park owners and then presented a seminar on how an accessible park can benefit from reaching an untapped market. As an RVer and former campground manager, Mark is able to be exceptionally helpful to park owners in assuring legal compliance in a difficult and complex area. Mark’s messages are simple – compliance avoids potential legal problems and compliance provides the ability to serve a new, large and mostly untapped market. Mark and his RV Accessibility Resource Group are valuable resources for the park industry.”

— David Gorin, Executive Director, VA Campground Association; President, Best Parks in America; and principal in the park consulting firm of David Gorin Associates LLC.

“Mark appears to be very professional and very efficient in his study. Haven’t seen the final yet, but an ounce of prevention is worth a lot. And there already are suits and more on the horizon, so we will be ready. Yes, I highly suggest that my colleagues avail themselves of his service and collectively cut the cost associated therewith. We at Small Country are already way ahead of the curve just because I am personally so aware of the needs of the disabled having worked with them in my youth at a special camp… and having disabled in the extended family.”

— Bill Small

“The initial process with Mark has been great – I look forward to receiving his assessment report and working with it to make our campground better. I would like to encourage everyone to start the process by having an assessment done and begin to move in the direction of compliance. From my experience, anything which I have made accessible has been more desirable by the general camping public. On the flip side, being ignorant of our failings cannot be used as a defense in avoiding making things accessible. I cannot see how every campground doesn’t want to know where they are failing and to start with a plan to move in the right direction, one little bit at a time, makes it more manageable to achieve. I know that most campgrounds, ourselves included, are far from complying but I think that the more we do in Virginia to move in that direction the better we can market ourselves. We may think of it as a niche but if 20% of the general population is mobility challenged, I want to be able to accommodate and sell to that market.”

— Phil Upton