rv park accessibility


A positive and inclusive outdoor experience for people with a disability can be difficult.  To help improve this experience, we have posted information about outdoor recreation areas including campgrounds, RV Parks and large rest areas that was obtained by the the RVing Accessibility Group . Much of the information was obtained by the President, Mark, while Mark was limited to a wheelchair and his wife and caregiver, Ellie, had to help him maneuver around any given environment be it a National park, National Forest, State park, Good Sam park, KOA park, Passport America park, or any of the hundreds of campgrounds and RV parks they visited, all in an effort to identify parks that had enough accessibility that they could recommend and would return to given accessibility challenges.  They continue to visit parks to examine levels of accessibility for persons with limited mobility.  The information is simply a factual listing of only those parks that have accessibility and what the visited parks have in terms of accessibility. The list does not include the nearly 500 other parks that were examined and had inaccessible features, starting with the site itself. The parks listed are parks that Mark and Ellie would return to if either were limited full-time to a wheelchair or scooter for mobility.  The Organization is also obtaining qualitative data that will assist in the establishment of a rating system for parks regarding their levels of accessibility. As you can see below, this is only the first step in the development and implementation of an extensive educational and examination process that will provide relevant data to the outdoor recreational, RVing, and camping community regarding accessibility.  Below are the phases that we have planned over the next few years to provide you with valuable information that will assist you in choosing a park where a person with limited mobility and their caregiver can stay and enjoy an environment conducive to dignity and independence; a place where all are welcome and exclusion is not an issue.

We hope that you will join us on this challenge. If you would like to be informed when new data is available, please go to the Contact Us page and sign up for e-mail notifications.  Our organization is able to provide this valuable service as long as there are donations and grants made to support our efforts.  It should be noted that there is no compensation paid to any member of the organization and all work is done on a volunteer basis.  If you want to support our mission, you can make a donation simply by going to the  DONATE  page.  Your donation is critical to our ability to continue to educate the community on accessibility awareness and the right for every persom, regardless of age, injury or illness, to be INCLUDED, not excluded in life’s activities.

Phase I: Collecting Facts on Outdoor Recreational Areas, including Campgrounds, RV Parks and Large Rest Areas

This is information obtained from examination of RV parks, campgrounds and large rest areas made by members of the organization, and the facilities available for their customers who experience limited mobility.  They continue to gather information on campgrounds as part of their ongoing mission. The information is posted on this website under “Facilities.”

Phase II: 2013 – 2014 Qualitative Interviews with Travelers with Disabilities and Caregivers

Qualitative interviews are randomly being conducted with RVers and campers who exhibit a disability, and their caregivers, to assist RVing Accessibility Group to better understanding what accessibility items are of the most importance to this segment of our population at various outdoor recreational settings. This will give us the information needed to develop a rating system to be used in Phase III.  Sample size will be at least 35 interviews for each type setting.  A survey is also available on their “Home” page

Phase III: 2014 – 2015 Rating of Individual Outdoor Recreational Areas, Campgrounds, RV Parks

A weighting will be done for each of the different types of RV parks on levels of accessibility. Weight of each item will be determined from qualitative interviews.  Parks will be rated by trained board members and selected qualified individuals who have received the most current accessibility training for doing assessments for partial accessibility to full compliance.

Ratings will be posted on RVing Accessibility Website along with methodology.

Phase IV: 2015 and Beyond:  Continued Rating of Outdoor Recreational Areas including Campgrounds and RV Parks

We will continue the work we started by rating other individual parks as well as doing more telephone surveys of travelers with disabilities (sample to be determined).
The survey will determine travelers’ satisfaction level with parks in the U.S. regarding their experience with accessibility. Results will be posted on this website and possibly published in a book format.