• AMERICAN RV PARK  – Plenty of sites with new addition to allow plenty of room for ability of the disabled traveler to get around.  Good accessible facility with ramps and easily accessible bath and shower, with assist bars.  Staff was somewhat friendly yet when we requested an accessible site, they did not have any such sites and placed us by a dumpster instead.  We recommended they set aside 3-4 “accessible” sites with improvements for ease of wheelchair movement.
  • KOA CENTRAL  – This park has paved sites (asphalt), and has designated on their park map 1 accessible site that is 20′ wide and has pavement around hookups.  The accessible site is near the bath house.  Examination of the showers and bathrooms found them to be inaccessible.  There is, however, a family bathroom that stays locked and was not accessible at the time of our examination.  The rec room has shelved movies which are out of reach and a pool table and foosball table that are inaccessible, but could be made so if they were relocated.  Although this park does have 1 accessible site, the remainder of the amenities could use some updating to bring into compliance.  Centrally located to shopping, restaurants, and near I-40 for easy access.


  • USA RV PARK – Very nice and clean park private park.  Good paved interior roads and accessible.  Some sites are nice and large and work well for a disabled guest.  Most amenities and facilities are accessible.  Recommendation:  Designate specific sites as an option for disabled guests, and place near the amenities.  Maintain accessible equipment and assist handles in restrooms and showers, and establish 1 shower as universally accessible.
  • GALLUP KOA – Excellent location and well maintained facility.  RV sites are somewhat narrow making it challenging to maneuver a wheelchair or scooter around a RV.  However, the park does have accessible facilities, including bathrooms and showers.  Recommendation:  Designate at least 2 RV sites and “accessible” specific with paved or concrete pads and level.  Designate at least 1 cabin as accessible by adding a ramp to front of cabin.


  • HACIENDA RV RESORT – Park has paved interior roads with concrete RV pads.  Pads are long and wide enough to easily get around in wheelchair or scooter.   Office and all facilities and amenities are wheelchair accessible and restrooms/ showers are accessible.  We requested an accessible site, but at the time, they did not have any such designated sites.  They did the best they could based on availability.  Recommendation:  This park is one of the better parks reviewed for guests with limited mobility.  The only recommendation was to designate at least 3 RV sites as “accessible” only and put them near the majority of amenities with some dispersion.


  • SANTA FE SKIES – RV sites are good size.  Interior roads and sites are dirt and gravel making mobility difficult after a rain storm.  Dirt and gravel roads are typical, however, of majority of RV parks.  However, these are navigable in a wheelchair.  If one can get past the interior roads, the restrooms and showers are nicely equipped for a guest with limited mobility.  Also easy access to the office as all facilities have easy access for a wheelchair or electric scooter.  Recommendation:  Designate at least 2 sites as “accessible” and designate one shower as “accessible” by including either a fixed or portable bench to allow guest to sit and shower, and change out shower head and install an adjustable shower rod with a removable shower head.



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