• DWYER JUNCTION REST AREA – Mile Marker 92.5 – This rest area is north of Cheyenne at the intersection of I-25 and Highway 26 East.  Exceptionally accessible area with numerous covered picnic tables with accessible grills.  Parking is in good proximity to amenities.  Overall, accessible amenities include picnic tables, grills, curb cuts, paved paths to all amenities, family restroom, water fountains, outdoor water hydrant, and an accessible dump station.  All amenities are paved and accessible via outdoor accessible paths.
  • ORIN JUNCTION REST AREA – Mile Marker 126 – This rest area is south of Douglas.   While this rest area has somewhat accessible amenities as Dwyer Junction above, it does not have the high level of accessibility as Dwyer Junction Rest Area and the first most obvious concern is the parking is not in close proximity to the primary area.   Parking area is sloped upward to the building.  Amenities are limited.


  • UPTON, WY – Between Mile Marker 221 & 222 on North side of highway – This rest area is East of Gillette on your way to Custer, S.D.   Rest area has accessible paths, restrooms, picnic tables, grills and a playground.  Accessible picnic units are designated.  Accessible ramps have handrails for assistance.  Drawback is that RV parking is separated from accessible amenities by a median that requires one to circumvent to access rest area amenities.   Overall, a very nicely appointed, accessible rest area.

REST AREA – I-90 Eastbound MM 193

  • SUNDANCE, WY – Fully accessible rest area with good parking.  Accessible sheltered picnic areas, curb cuts to access amenities, including accessible bathrooms.  Accessible picnic units are designated.


  • CAM-PLEX MULTI-USE FACILITIESThis is a large complex with a number of RV areas within the complex.  There are over 1500 full hookups throughout.  The best hookups are electrical only and are 30 and 50-amp service in the asphalt parking lot outside Frontier Hall.  These are the closest in proximity to Frontier Hall and adjacent areas and easy to navigate from via wheelchair or scooter as there are also nice curb cuts to allow access to the sidewalks and motion sensor sliding glass doors.  The remainder are in fields around the complex.  Our site was in the Boxelder RV Area with 30-amp, sewer and water and about 1/4 mile from Frontier Hall where the activities are located.  Frontier Hall is nicely equipped with accessible amenities.  Restrooms are fully accessible.  Contact the general office about an overnight stay, but the complex is designed for gatherings.  The terrain in the RV fields is rough and not accessible by current standards.  Thus, staying in the paved area as long as you have your fresh water tank full and other tanks empty, you should be fine for 3-5 days.
  • CITY OF GILLETTE DALBEY MEMORIAL PARK – S. Douglass Highway 4/10 mile south of Wal-Mart.  Good location for smaller RVs that need a break.  Offers an accessible dump station.  Beautiful setting and well maintained.