• J & H RV PARK– The owners of this family owned RV park have tried to make this an inviting and accessible RV park.  Most sites are level and the surface is lava rock.   A few sites are very wide, providing plenty of clearance.  Our site was fine for using a scooter to get around the park.  The owner continues to make improvements to the amenities to make them more accessible.  They only allow self contained RVs.  Flagstaff offers so much, and this is one of the nicest family owned RV parks in the area, close to shopping and restaurants, yet quiet.  Bathrooms need to be more accessible by adding ramped entry and better turning radius in the bathrooms.  This is a great park that needs more attention to accessibility.  Recommend calling if you have questions regarding accessibility; (928) 526-1829.


  • GRAND CANYON RAILWAY RV PARK – Paved roads and sites make a nicely appointed setting.  Easy accessibility for wheelchair or scooter use, or just give the shuttle a call for a pick up.  Shuttle, however, is not wheelchair accessible and it is quite a walk to the amenities.  We were parked in site 225, and park was fairly full.  This can be a nice destination park but we just spent 1 night to wake up to 6″ of overnight snow in late April.  Drawback is that sites are distanced from amenities such as restaurant, gift shop, sports complex, playground and pet resort.  However, you may request a site near the laundry and showers area, sites 114, 115, 116, 120, 121 or 122.   Special Note:  Pads are required under all jacks or stabilizers.


  • HAVASU RV RESORT – Nice paved streets and sites for ease of getting around in either a scooter or wheelchair. Staff was friendly and open to suggestions as they were relatively new. Recommendation: make sure ALL facilities/amenities can be accessed via ramp as most disabled travelers use electric scooters, and not as much wheelchairs. Even though RVers with motor homes are self contained, many other type RVs are not, and depend on park facilities to make an enjoyable stay. Even so, should still designate specific sites as “accessible” and close to amenities with some dispersion of accessible sites. Our site was quite a ways from the amenities, but electric scooter allowed access to entire park, but not all amenities. Staff was very professional and understanding.



  • DESERT’S EDGE RV PARK aka The Purple Park – Located at 2398 W Williams Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027, this colorful, exciting park provides relatively good accessibility.  Our site was hard packed small gravel, accessible with my wheelchair. There are some sites throughout the park that would be excellent accessible sites for RVers with disabilities.  Office access is somewhat challenging in a chair due to ramp slope.  However, the ramp does provide access to the office and there is good clear floor space in the office area.  The owner has performed a self assessment to identify barriers that impede accessibility for those with disabilities and their aging clientele.  A plan has been developed to transition over time to become ADA compliant.  The owner is doing improvements not just because it is the law, but because it is the right thing to do.  It is recommended to call if you have questions about accessibility; (623) 587-0940 or visit them at
  • PHOENIX METRO RV PARK – Located at 22701 N Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85027, this park is one that has both RV sites and park models.  Nice paved interior roads for easy access.  While many amenities provide good accessibility, others lack access, which have been identified with a self assessment.  The owner has had an accessibility audit performed and a transition plan developed to work toward ADA compliance over the next several years.  While many park owners are not aware of barrier assessments and how to provide greater accessibility, Phoenix Metro is being proactive and wants to become as accessible as possible for their customers.  For questions regarding accessibility, call (623) 582-0390.  Or visit them at  
  • MESA SPIRIT RV RESORT – Mesa, AZ; 3020 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85213.  (480) 832-1770.  This resort is a new Encore property and during our stay, we observed numerous accessible RV sites that are firm and stable and wheelchair friendly.  This resort has hundreds of RV sites and numerous park models for rent.  This is a very large resort divided into 6 units, most of which have their own bath house.  The main building offers numerous activities so there is never a reason to be bored.  The general manager has performed an accessibility audit and developed a multi-year transition plan to progressively work toward greater ADA compliance for the benefit of all their customers, regardless of age, injury or illness.  Extremely clean and very accommodating management.  For the most part, good access routes throughout the park for those using wheelchairs or scooters.  Visit their website at
  • LEAF VERDE RV RESORT – Buckeye, AZ (just west of Phoenix); 1500 S Apache Rd, Buckeye, AZ 85326.  (623) 386-3132.  Located in quiet Buckeye, yet close enough to Phoenix for shopping and fine dining.  Exceptional facility.  This family owned resort is well maintained and well preserved.  We were met with open arms and enjoyed our stay in one of their accessible RV sites.  Although not paved, the accessible sites have crushed gravel and compacted for firm and stable surface for wheelchair users.  Mine did fine at our site.  Interior roads are paved and there is easy access to all the amenities.  The owner was spot on with his thoughts on ADA compliance and greater accessibility.  An on-site accessibility audit was performed with Scott present, and they have plans on improving overall accessibility for all customers.  Their belief is that good access is good business.  However, always call if you have questions regarding accessibility.  Or visit their website at to see all their awards and recognition for excellence.


  • PALM CREEK GOLF & RV RESORT – Well organized and friendly staff. Very accommodating. Sites are gravel but interior roads are very accessible friendly. Sites have concrete patio. Recommendation: Designate at least 6 sites specific for disabled travelers, extending paving from patio to front of site for ease of access from RV to patio. By designating specific sites for disabled travelers with specific improvements, it would be easier to get around the RV to check hookups, use the water and sewer connections. Same recommendation for park models. Overall, a very nice park but lacking in complete accessible modified facilities.


  • RINCON COUNTRY WEST RV RESORT – Excellent facility with lots to do for every one.  Park consists of RV sites and park model/mobile homes.  Excellent access throughout the park.  Some sites are paved and can be designated as accessible.  Exceptional ownership and staff, very helpful and friendly.  If you plan to stay here, be sure to inquire about accessibility to park amenities.  Many amenities have accessible parking so one can drive from their site to the building of their choice for activities.  Owner has performed a self assessment to identify barriers the removal that impede accessibility for disabled and aging customers.  Their plan is to continue to work toward ADA compliance, creating greater access year after year.  For questions regarding accessibility, call  800-782-7275.  Click on
  • RINCON COUNTRY EAST RV RESORT – Sister park of Rincon Country West.  Smaller in size and somewhat more remote.  Excellent access throughout the park.  Some sites are paved and can be designated as accessible.  Exceptional ownership and staff, very helpful and friendly.  If you plan to stay here, be sure to inquire about accessibility to park amenities.  Many amenities have accessible parking so one can drive from their site to the building of their choice for activities.  Owner has performed a self assessment to identify barriers the removal that impede accessibility for disabled and aging customers.  Their plan is to continue to work toward ADA compliance, creating greater access year after year. for more information. 1-888-401-8989
  • LAZY DAYS RV RESORT – Excellent interior roads and RV sites for ease of mobility for wheelchair or scooter travel. Office is ramped and showers and restrooms have assist handles. Mostly Class A motor coaches, but there were a few that were not self-contained, requiring use of facility showers. Recommendation: Designate at least 4 specific sites for disabled guests. Staff was very friendly and enjoyable to work with. Our site was close to the office and was ideal for use with electric scooter.
  •  VOYAGER RV RESORT – Park is well designed for the older RV crowd, such as myself. Although well designed with some paved sites, once off the RV pad at your site, you are in dirt and gravel with weeds that need maintenance, especially for wheelchair use. Recommendation: With the size of this park, it was recommended to set aside at least 5 sites as “accessible” specific with additional paving wide enough to gain access to patio and interior roads.


  • SHANGRI-LA RV RESORT – Over 300 RV sites with good access throughout the park via paved roads.  Some RV sites are more accessible than others depending on the hard packed surface or gravel.  The sites near the front of the park have nice access routes connecting sites to one another, and can be used to access the interior paved roads.  Easy access with a scooter or wheelchair.  Good accessibility to office, restrooms and showers with a few exceptions.  Washers and dryers are accessible.  Good access to and within game room.  Located on the East side of Yuma, access to mall and major restaurants about 7 minutes away.  However, location is quiet even though set parallel to the highway.  The owner has undergone a self assessment of the resort in order to identify barriers for removal and has a multi-year plan for providing greater accessibility for all their guests.  The owner is very proactive and is engaged in serving all customers regardless of disability.  On-site management is very accommodating.  Recommendation:  If you have questions regarding accessibility, call first, 1-877-742-6474 or contact via website
  • PIONEER RV PARK – Located just East of Yuma in Wellton, Arizona.  Great location for the 55 and over crowd. Excellent paved RV sites throughout.  Amenities include pool, hot tub, laundry, showers, restrooms, cable, dog park, horseshoes.  Office/registration has good access.  The owner has performed a self assessment for barrier identification and plan for removal or barriers to provide greater access for disabled and senior customers.  For questions regarding accessibility, call 928-785-3579.  Check them out at

Driving in Arizona

Driving in Arizona is no different than driving in any other state. Be sure to wear your seatbelt and follow the traffic signs. To ensure your safety, be aware of the following information:

511 Traveler Information Service

Traveling in Arizona is as easy as calling 5-1-1! Get the latest information on:

  • Road conditions
  • Public transit services
  • Major airports
  • Tourism, including State and National Park information
  • Weather

This free service is offered 24/7 by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), who remind you to buckle up and drive safely. Within Arizona, dial 511. Outside Arizona, dial direct (602) 523-0244, or toll-free (888) 411-ROAD (7623). Thanks to a partnership between ADOT, the Arizona Office of Tourism, the U.S. Park Service, and Arizona State Parks, the 5-1-1 system includes information on 52 state and national parks in the Grand Canyon state.

For more information, visit the AZ 511 website.

Driving in Dust Storms & Monsoon Season

Dust storms are caused by high winds sweeping across fields or dry desert terrain, sometimes blowing dust onto nearby highways. Although usually brief, dust storms should be taken seriously because they can quickly decrease visibility. While most people associate Arizona with the desert, the state also experiences occasional heavy rainstorms, particularly during the summer monsoon season.

If you find yourself driving during a dust or monsoon storm, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Turn on your headlights and slow down!
  • If you can safely avoid it, do not enter a dust storm.
  • If your visibility is impeded by heavy rain or dust, slowly pull off to the side of the road as far to the right as possible. Turn off the car and headlights, set the parking brake and keep your foot off the brake pedal.
  • Pay attention to hazard signs and roadblocks. If you see a sign that says “Do Not Cross When Flooded,” take it seriously and find another way.
  • Don’t cross rain-swollen washes. You could get caught in a flash flood.

For More Information

Learn more about safe driving in Arizona at these sites:


Arizona is a wonderful playground if you enjoy diverse cultural experiences, breathtaking natural beauty, arts, entertainment, sports and more. Such experiences are for people of all abilities, including those with mobility, visual and hearing disabilities.

Many of the state’s lodging facilities, attractions and events are ADA compliant, meaning that they do their best to comply with the guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits discrimination and ensures equal access to state and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities and transportation.

For More Information

Learn more about ADA requirements and accessible travel with the following websites:


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