vacations for people with disabilities

Mission Statement

Raising awareness for inclusive recreational accessibility through education, example and experience to the disabled and aging community, including businesses that serve the public, for the benefit of all persons regardless of age, injury or illness. DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE

Vision Statement

To provide published and factual resource information to all people with disabilities, who are interested in, and capable of, enjoying recreational travel, discover accessible outdoor recreational facilities, including but not limited to the campground industry, that foster an overall environment conducive to dignity and independence.

Don’t be misled by electronic information that implies campgrounds are wheelchair friendly when in reality unless they have been properly examined and accommodated, it is likely they do not provide wheelchair accessibility.

Team Diversity

Our entire team are 100% volunteers and consists three highly trained, professional Accessibility Specialists, with the ability to provide on-site education and technical assistance for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry. The team consists of members who either have a disability, have had a disability or have been a caregiver for a disabled loved one.  All members of the Team have some level of hands on experience, each of which bringing their own skill set to the Organization.

Mark Douglass – Co-Founder and CEO/National Accessibility Specialist/Volunteer

Mark is the co-founder of RVing Accessibility Group. Mark is a disabled RVer with 20 years of RVing experience as an adaptive traveler.  Mark was born with disabilities and experienced numerous surgeries in his first 18 years to where he could be mobile without depending on his parents or a wheelchair.  Later in life, Mark has experienced more disabilities, and declared permanently disabled since 2001.  Mark managed a Class A RV Park  servicing RV travelers from various backgrounds and with various disabilities. Having experienced the challenges of being a disabled traveler, Mark has a passion to provide like travelers and their caregivers with relevant and accurate information about RV facilities as well as helping the hospitality industry understand the benefits of being ADA compliant, developing loyal customers and generating revenue growth.

Mark is a professional Accessiologist (Accessibility Specialist), receiving classroom and hands on  accessibility training from the National Center on Accessibility from the University of Indiana, as well as additional training from U.S. Access Board via workshops, the ADA National Symposiums as well as workshops with the Department of Justice on ADA litigation and “When the DOJ Comes Knocking” with former Chief of the Civil Rights Division, John Wodatch and high level executive Sally Conway also with the DOJ Civil Rights Division. As an Accessibility Specialist, Mark is able to examine and evaluate  recreational settings for levels of accessibility for the benefit of both the end user as well as the business owner.

Mark is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Degree in Marketing and another Degree in Business Management, as well as a minor in Business Psychology.  Mark has over 35 years of construction consulting, quality assurance, and technical specification writing along with plan review for compliance.

For more information on the passion of the Co-Founder and CEO, Mark Douglass, and how the organization evolved, go to the Facilities page.

Robin Bonnema – Board Member and Eastern Regional Director

Robin is accomplished in market research and analysis, marketing communications planning and execution, creative campaign development and production, layout to final mechanical artist, on- and off-line media planning and buying, public relations, promotions and events, corporate communications, crisis and reputation management, operations, project management, sales management and sales support, as well as regulatory compliance, Robin brings a diverse background and cross-functional skills to RVing Accessibility Group, Inc.

Robin is a seasoned professional and former business owner, with 20+ years Advertising Agency experience and 14 years experience in Corporate Marketing and Sales.  Robin blends the abstract and creative conceptualization skills of her chosen field with disciplined defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling of programs and processes.

Robin also served as Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Centenary College for 3 years, completed coursework at Oklahoma State University, and is a member of the national Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

David Little – Board Member and Midwest Regional Director

David has worked with people with disabilities since 1988 when he mentored students with disabilities who were training for positions as computer programmers. Since then he has been a Disability Program Manager for Farmers Home Administration, Chairperson for the Greater St. Louis Federal Executive Boards’ Disability Council, and Director of the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Midwest Technology Accessible Resources Gives Employment Today (TARGET) Center which was a center displaying and demonstrating technologies for people with disabilities in the workplace.

He has been writing articles on disability issues in the workplace and assistive technology since 1993 in local, regional, and national publications. After his retirement from USDA in 2001 he established his company Disability Management – Life & Work Solutions where he consulted with companies on assistive technology issues in the workplace and spoke on various disability related issues in the workplace. David has presented to local, regional, and national organizations.

In 1997 he was one of the founding members of the Missouri Business Leadership Network (MOBLN) with is affiliated with the United States Business Leadership Network which is the national non-profit, non-partisan business to business network promoting workplaces, marketplaces, and supply chains where people with disabilities are included. He is still associated with MOBLN in an advisory capacity.

Charlie Beverley – Board Member, Southwest Regional Director; Accessibility Specialist

Charlie received his accessibility training in 2013 through the National Center on Accessibility affiliated with the University of Indiana.  He has  over 30 years of RVing experience with extensive outdoor travel experience.  He has experienced temporary disabilities at various times in his life, with hip replacements while living full-time in his RV.  He was self-employed in excess of 20 years with sales, marketing, financial and money management experience and has in excess of 23 years web-based business experience.  Charlie currently sells and markets accessible RVs on the West Coast.

Jim Lesch – Board Member, Rocky Mountain Region

Jim brings 20 years of leadership serving  to defend our country as U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and 20 more years as a professional commercial airline pilot to RVing Accessibility Group.  Jim is the caregiver, traveling with his partially disabled spouse, Melody, and understands the special needs for disabled RVers with over 28 years of RVing experience.  Jim is a leader and a great project planner.  He has great troubleshooting skills and a solid vision, which have come to bear with the mission of RVAG.  This is a reflection of Jim’s passion for helping others.  He is also a Big Brother in the local Big Brothers Big Sisters Pagosa Springs, Colorado chapter and has served on other Boards.

John Monteith – Board Member

John is located in Monument, Colorado and works as a Disability Training Consultant and an Occupational Therapist.  John’s life changed dramatically in 2011 after becoming a quadriplegic, and is a strong advocate for the rights of those with disabilities.  John serves on an accessible community organization in Colorado Springs working to improve how ADA standards are applied and enforced with new construction and renovations.  John is an Air Force retiree and serves on various boards including the Air Force Academy as well as Craig Hospital. John is married with two wonderful daughters.