To All RV Park and Campground Owners and Organizations:

If you are interested in learning more about how our organization can help you protect your facility against frivolous complaints and potential discrimination disability lawsuits, and learn where your accessibility shortcomings exist, please feel free to contact us for a free initial consult.

We are here to help, not hinder, the campground industry and educate RV manufacturers on how to better understand how to accommodate their disabled customers under current regulations simply by doing the right thing.  But, what is the right thing.  While all public campgrounds fall under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, private campgrounds are accountable under Title III regulations.

Accessibility standards for recreation facilities have been adopted while those for outdoor developed areas are close to being finalized.  As with most Federal and State regulations, it can be very time consuming and difficult to interpret the laws.  This is our specialty and all we do.

In an effort to help the recreation industry, more specifically the RV Park and campground industry, better understand these standards, we provide educational consulting on the new accessibility standards while emphasizing a universal design approach for new construction and alterations to existing facilities. One of our primary learning themes concentrates on the best practices in the education of design and construction to accommodate people with disabilities.  Our educational services are ideal for RV Park and campground owners, planners, designers, facility managers and accessibility coordinators. We will discuss how design and construction affects people with disabilities and how people with disabilities function in these park facilities, the ADA/ABA accessibility standards, boating and fishing facilities, picnic areas, trails, campgrounds, and beaches. RVing Accessibility Group is able to: apply the accessibility standards to new construction and altered recreation facilities; direct project supervision to ensure compliance with the accessibility standards; and apply universal design concepts to benefit the widest spectrum of park users.

We work in collaboration with the Southwest Center for Independence, a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit whose focus is in alignment with ours for the inclusion of all persons, regardless of disability, in all activities of life.

All of our Accessibility Specialists have received course work and field exercise training by the leading authority on accessibility standards who works with federal agencies and the U.S. Access Board on implementing regulations in both the public and private sector.  Each of our Accessibility Specialists has the authority to declare an element in a park setting as either compliant or non-compliant with the most recent enforceable accessibility standards.

The fines are stiff and the consequences of non-compliance can be extremely costly and potentially shut down your operations, or even put you out of business.  Our organization was developed by a person who is permanently disabled and, as a camping enthusiast being in and out of wheelchairs over half his life, has years of frustrating experience coping with the barriers many campgrounds have chosen to ignore, leaving them vulnerable to the potential of litigation and stringent fines by the U.S. Department of Justice.  Even more frustration was exhibited by his caregiver, who tired to maneuver him throughout parks in gravel surfaces and inaccessible amenities.  As the awareness for accessibility accommodations continues to escalate, and as the disabled population continues to grow, including the aging population, the chances of your campground being subjected to litigation increases.

We have found that a small investment in accessibility enhancements can not only potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even millions, but can increase your revenue and also qualify for a $15,000 tax credit.  Our population with disabilities has a discretionary spending power of $175,000,000,000.  Can you see how just doing the right thing can increase your bottom line, and potentially significantly? We are here to help you potentially increase that revenue stream.

A comprehensive accessibility management program is the key to success for park and recreation companies. Our program is designed to give RV Park and campground owners a broad perspective and foundation for implementing an accessibility management program. This education is ideal for campground managers with newly appointed responsibilities and for those looking to brush up on the latest information for accessibility compliance. We include discussions of the characteristics and needs of people with disabilities, legislative mandates and litigation, accessibility standards and common errors, the application of universal design to RV Parks and campground environments, program access, considerations for conducting accessibility assessments, visitor use and marketing, and comprehensive planning. Examples and best practices in accessibility management will be presented throughout the discussions. An optional field exercise will give RV Park and campground personnel an opportunity to practice conducting an accessibility assessment along with discussing considerations for prioritization of physical and programmatic barrier removal.

All it takes is a simple phone call for your free initial consult to determine what action may or may not be required.  You can leave a message on the website under Contact Us or call the office at 970-903-7442.