• WOLF CREEK RUN RV RESORT – This is a very nicely appointed accessible park on the San Juan River.  New in 2004.  Each site has its own yard and storage building.  Well manicured.  The new owners have invested in making amenities as accessible as possible.  Sites are concrete as is the interior road.  Bathrooms, showers, office and recreation hall are all on the upper level, which may be difficult to access via wheelchair unless one has a power wheeled device.  Owner stated in recent interview that he has not had any issues with disabled guests over the past 2 years since they took ownership.  Washers in laundry area are front loaders, making accessibility much easier from a wheelchair.  Beautiful setting along Highway 160 just East of Hwy. 84.  Recommend dedicating two spots on upper level as “accessible” to allow ease of accessing amenities.  A Class A only resort with exceptional service.  Recommend calling ahead to determine level of accessibility to get to the river down below the sites.


  • NAVAJO LAKE CAMPGROUNDS – This group of campgrounds consists of 3 separated campgrounds based on camping amenities.  ROSA Campground is the largest of the 3 and exhibits the most amount of accessibility.  Nicely constructed accessible designated concrete RV sites that are pull-through sites.  Paved accessible routes from the accessible sites to the accessible showers, restrooms, laundry and gathering area. Gathering area also had accessible picnic tables for wheelchair accessibility.  It was nice to see a front end washer for ease of access when doing laundry as opposed to top loaders which can present barriers when doing laundry from a wheelchair.  Interior road is a paved loop.  The other 2 adjacent campgrounds have accessible bathrooms but have limited amenities without full hookups.  Picnic tables, fire rings, and grills at the accessible sites are all accessible and have shade construction over picnic tables.  We were in site 105 which was a great location to near amenities.  Park Ranger and Manager Doug Secrist was very accommodating with his time and the staff has done a very nice job of trying to keep up with the standards.  While not “ADA Compliant”, ROSA Campground is one of the more accessible facilities we have examined in the last 4 years.  It is quite impressive.  Also present are raised tent areas for compliance with tent camping standards.  They are going to cover the wooden raised portions with a Trex like material to prevent splintering and reduce weathering and maintenance; a good practical and fiscal idea.  This park represents what go above and beyond represents when trying to do the right thing.  The park is continually trying to improve accessibility.  The marina was accessible and also had a family accessible restroom as well as an accessible boarding areas for boats.  As for ROSA campground, we recommend sites 103 or 105 for accessibility.  There are two more sites with better views of the lake that may be more suited for the sightseer.  We boated to the New Mexico side of Navajo Lake to the marina and found it to be very inaccessible, and bathrooms were hundreds of yards up a parking lot and steps, making it completely inaccessible.  We were told there are plans to improve the accessibility.


  • ALPEN ROSE RV PARK – Park setting is North of town located on highway 550.  Spaces are gravel surfaced, most with grass areas adjacent.  While this park may be somewhat accessible on the interior roads, the gravel at the sites can be challenging to get a wheelchair or other assistive device through to access the interior road.  While some amenities may be accessible, items such as washers are top loaders, making it difficult for a wheelchaired person to access.


  • MOUNTAIN VIEWS RV PARK – Located just South of Creede, near the banks of the Rio Grande River.  All sites are gravel as well as interior roads, which may make it somewhat challenging for those with limited mobility requiring assistance.  Spaces are large and each site has a concrete patio.  Washers are top loaders, making it challenging for guests who are limited to wheelchairs.  Bathrooms have limited access for wheelchairs when washing hands due to clearance issues from under the counter.  River access is very difficult for physically challenged guests.  There are paved access routes from the gravel road to the amenities, making it easier for a wheelchair once approaching the sidewalks.  Mountain Views also has a lease program for those interested in leasing dedicated sites.  Recommend the management enhance accessibility and dedicate a minimum of 3 sites as “accessible” meaning at a minimum having a firm and stable substrate and sites be 20’ wide in accordance with new standards.




  • JAMES ROBB STATE PARK  – This campground is one of the nicer state park campgrounds on the Western Slope near Grand Junction.  The park sets across the road from a private RV park and is a beautiful state park.  Sites are pull-through sites and paved as are interior roads.  Our site was easily accessible to the main building where there were showers, restrooms, a playground and gathering area.  Although the sites are not 20′ wide, they do provide easy hook ups with a paved patio and a shaded picnic table.  Depending on your site, your will have nice views of the lake.  After staying in numerous private parks, we found this one to be quite accommodating and easy to navigate in a wheelchair or scooter.




  • ST. VRAIN STATE PARK – This campground is off of I-25 north of Denver near Longmont, CO at 3525 Highway 119, Firestone, CO and includes good fishing and water activities with a number of ponds throughout the park.   Location is great for those needing nearby shopping and dining.  Park personnel are very helpful.  This small state park has 3 universally accessible sites, 2 of which are full hookups while the other one is electric and water only.  Recommend sites 57 and 76.  They have both 30 and 50 amp.  Majority of sites are 50-amp.  Sites are pull-thru with easy access.  Universally accessible sites are paved with additional room for maneuverability.  This park is high recommended for physically disabled campers and all sites will accommodate at least a 40′ rig.  We highly recommend the Columbine Annual Pass if you are permanently disabled and plan to visit a number of the 42 Colorado State parks.  You can visit for the listing of all the state parks and more details on St. Vrain.   Phone is 303-678-9402 or you email them at



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